Business Support

Business Support

We provide whole business network solution, data backup solution.

When you are setting up a new business, we can help you to design the whole network environment to meet your need.


We  do Business Server/Computer/Network/Printer maintenance plan.

We will look after all your computer, network, printer, tablet, mobile phone and all other I.T. relative device, so you can focus on your main business.

We do website design, hosting and maintenance

We can setup the whole website for you


We provide Professional Service and Reasonable Price

Flat Rate/Hour Rate/Package Rate, you can choose how do you pay for.

Flat Rate from $150/job

Hour Rate from $80/job

Package Rate will be provide after free appointment.

  • 1. Consultation

  • 2. Development

  • 3. Delivery

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

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